Clean Energy for Emerging Markets

Global Sun Partners is a single source for financing, technology and strategic planning. We believe in partnering to bring utility scale solar projects to fruition. We partner with select local management teams and bring our relationships, expertise and track record to create professional, achievable solar project plans.

A Strong Track Record

Global Sun Partners makes commitments and sees them through. Working in emerging markets can be a challenging task/mission, but once Global Sun Partners makes a commitment, it employs its assets to see its efforts through. We are always looking for strong local teams who believe in long-term partnership to create a win-win relationship.


Global Sun Partners deploys best practices and proven technologies across a range of emerging markets and adapts to the local environment.

Financial Solutions

Global Sun Partners is backed by U.S and European investors who want to see solar power flourish throughout the world. As a result, Global Sun Partners has built relationships with international funding sources to promote and support our projects. Global Sun Partners is ready to bring these financing sources to new markets as we progress.